The advantages of an inflatable catamaran

The advantages of an inflatable catamaran

Rest on European waters: lakes, rivers, seas will be more comfortable and memorable with the help of our inflatable Catamaran FLAGMAN. Controllability of the watercraft does not cause doubts, and its strengths are repeatedly confirmed in practice. In order to buy an inflatable catamaran, it is necessary to compare several available models for the main characteristics, after which the choice will become much easier.

The benefits of using catamaran on open water (sea)

The design of the catamaran is different from the structure of other boats by the presence of two hulls immersed in water. Inflatable balloons have high strength and rigidity, capable of withstanding significant mechanical loads without loss of tightness and cuts. The advantages of a catamaran are, first of all:

  • The ability to effectively manage with strong seas. Compared with traditional boats and RIB boats, the catamaran is much more stable, able to withstand a strong wave without the risk of capsizing, is characterized by high buoyancy. Even if water enters the cockpit, it will quickly leave through the quick-drain valve.
  • Handling of the catamaran is much higher than on inflatable boats and cruising ships with a rigid hull. Due to the special design.
  • Any turn of a standard boat at high speed automatically means a roll on the outside and an increase in the risk of tipping over. When turning, the catamaran rolls inwards, which makes it more stable and protected from emergency situations.
  • Catamaran drift is another advantage of such boats. Trusting the control of the waves, the passengers of the catamaran nothing to risk.
  • The presence of two hulls ensures high stability of the swimming facility at high waves and strong seas. To turn the catamaran under the force of only a strong storm, so you can use the craft on large areas of water.
  • The smoothness of the course also for the better distinguishes catamarans from boats and boats. In the course of its movement, the watercraft keeps its course well; it does not scour the waves and does not bury its nose in them.

The acquisition of a catamaran is a profitable investment in terms of performance, stability on the water, maneuverability and safety. To select the best option you need to compare the available offers, as well as use the advice of professionals.