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Размеры тентов

The fore tent makes it more comfortable to use inflatable FLAGMAN boats when it is rainy or windy. It protects passengers from spatter, rain, strong wind during stays and when in motion. It is waterproof, easy to install and use. It can be easily transported and does not take much space, and it’s super lightweight – only 2.5 kg.

To install it on a boat you need to install a mount structure for the tent in the fore body. The mounting should be bought together with the tent and can be installed without professional help. The price of the mounting is already included in the price of the tent. The tent design includes special pockets for registration numbers of the motor inflatable boat.

Complete Set:

Fore Tent – 1 PC

Mounting for the tent — 2 PCs

Glue – 1 PC

Passport – 1 PC

Размеры тентов

320-380, 380К – 600К, 400-450/DK

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