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Виды пайолы

Thanks to the unique material, foamy PVC, our boats got an additional useful option. Many of our customers expressed a wish to protect the decks of the boats with an additional flooring. As a rule, it is about protecting the deck of the boat from accidentally dropped knifes, anchors, T pieces, cigarette ends and even a saw or an ax. Apparently. It will be popular among people who spend many hours in the boat, working or resting.

It should be underlined that our boats need no additional rigidity thanks to an inflatable bottom that is a single whole with the flat deck and the moderately keeled bottom at a pressure of 0.22, 0.25 atmospheres.

Thanks to the characteristics of the rigid bottom of our boats, we were able to apply an unusual material, which is 5 mm thick has a positive buoyancy which is also very important.

The plastic material consists of three layers:

  • upper and lower – hard and flexible,
  • medium – a dense foamy mass.

In combination with an inflatable flat deck, the plastic acquires additional rigidity, which allows amateurs and professionals who have connected their lives with water activities switch off to the fulfillment of their tasks completely.

For those who love comfort and carpet softness in the cockpit, the feeling of the cradle on the waves, the floorboards will not fit you.

Виды пайолы

320, 350, 380, 420, 450

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