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Chassis are developed for moving the PVC boat by land, launching and mooring it manually by one person. It will make the outdoor vacation on the inflatable boat more comfortable on water and on shore.

To fix the leg in the upper and lower position you should use a spring-loaded lock. You can easily change positions with one hand. The legs are bended to carry out the wheels under the bottom. The outboard motor on the transom becomes a counterweight that reduces the load on the fore handle during transportation by land. The chassis is made of stainless steel and have high corrosion resistance.

Light weight (4.3 kg) and small size will make your outdoor activities with the boat more comfortable. It has a long leg for installation in the stern on the transom which is much shorter than one of the boats with floorboards, because the transom is a one unit with the inflatable bottom.

Chassis carrying capacity is up to 300 kg (double chassis capacity is 600 kg).

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