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The Combi tent is peculiar for its unique design that allows mounting it both in the bow and on the deck of the boat.

The convertible tent is designed to protect passengers and luggage in the inflatable boat from rain, wet snow and wind on the move, during stays on water and on shore.

• It allows continue fishing in any weather conditions from any side if the inflatable boat. It is ventilated

• 6 transformation modifications.

• Compact, easy to transport and operate.

The convertible tent is designed with consideration for the hull lines and construction of FLAGMAN inflatable boats. It is easy to install and use.

To install it onto the boat you need to fix the mounting in the bow of the boat first. The mounting comes with the tent and can be installed under one’s own power. Its price is included into the price of the tent.

The tent weights 8kg. It is packed into two bags.

Six transformation modifications allow using it in any weather conditions, both on the move and during stays on water and on shore.

With such a tent, a FLAGMAN boat turns into a cozy tabernacle where you can continue fishing despite the bad weather.

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