About Us

Our company develops and manufactures inflatable small vessels under the FLAGMAN brand. Over these years, we have presented a large series of inflatable motor boats with keel low-pressure inflatable bottom and unique rowing boats with moderate dead rise. In the beginning of 2014, we have launched catamaran boats of original design into serial production.


Our company has developed and implemented the technology of applying an even, continuous and seamless protective coating, which consists of elastomeric polymers. The uniqueness of the protective layer of polymers is its resistance to tearing and abrasion.


The protection coating developed with the use of our technologies can be applied to any complex elastic surfaces. All design solutions that we have implemented have official patents from government. The motto of our company is “Life in motion”. We work hard to make the products that bring joy to our customers.


When designing modern inflatable boats, we use the experience of the best Russian and international manufacturers. Manual assembly of FLAGMAN inflatable boats, technical checks at each stage of assembly, high performance of additional components, quality materials and components are the keys to obtaining the highest quality products.


For the production of FLAGMAN inflatable boats we use durable high quality PVC material MIRASOL of 1200/1050/850 g/m2 made by the Korean company MIRASOL. It helps us to make our boats suitable for use in the most difficult conditions.


Flagman inflatable boats are notable for hard moderate keel bottom.


Inflatable FLAGMAN boats are perfect for all fans of outdoor activities on the water, water tourism and fishing — tourists, fishermen, hunters.